At Rocketfire Guitars every guitar is built as close to original vintage specs as possible from finish to fit to the tone that comes through to your amp. Every instrument is built to my highest standards and broken in to feel like a real deal 40+ year old guitar. Vintage rounded edges on fingerboards, quality woods (Alder, Ash, Pine, Mahogany, etc.), nitro finishes (100%), and tone to die for are what sets our guitars apart. Call or email to order yours today!!


  • Choice of vintage colors
  • Handcut bone Nut
  • Top notch wood products for superior resonance and a lifetime of stability. Made right here in our shop!
  • Our very own In house made pickups! You'll swear these were selected from the best of a box of real vintage Fender pickups!
  • Steel Block Tremolos on trem equipped instruments
  • Brass or Steel Saddles on fixed bridge instruments
  • Quality CTS Pots and USA Made Switchraft and Switches and Jacks for several decades of reliable use 
  • Professional Setup (in house) consisting of Neck Relief, Saddle Height, Intonation, Nut Slotting, and most importantly Fretwork
  • Fretwork consists of the following: Level, Crown, and Polish  fingerboard edge treatment for a feel like you've never felt before!!

M1926 (Rocketfire's Double Cutaway Model)


P413 (Rocketfire's Classic Single Cutaway Model)


R831 Rocketfire Basses!


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